ZIM Network Efficient Green Buildings

ZIM Network Efficient Green Buildings

With Efficient-Green-Buildings, a ZIM network is to be positioned for research into new technologies for sustainable Buildings construction. To this end, we are looking for companies and research institutions that want to develop new project ideas and technological approaches.

GlobalGreen InnoTech GmbH was founded in 2015 as a communication, consulting and network management company for innovation networks in the area of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs. In recent years, the company has co-founded and managed the technology development networks PlaMoWa and PlaWas. Both networks have set themselves the task of developing technologies for the identification and analysis of plastic pollution in water (PlaMoWa) and for the elimination of plastics from water (PlaWas). A number of cooperative research projects have emerged from both networks, which were and are funded within the framework of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs.

With the Efficient-Green-Buildings network, GlobalGreen InnoTech GmbH aims to drive innovation in the field of building construction so that novel and environmentally friendly technological approaches emerge.

By Netzwerkmanagment

Florian Rosenkranz is employed as a network manager and application writer at GlobalGreen InnoTech GmbH. In addition, he supports the implementation of web content.

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