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Innovation networks

GloabalGreen InnoTech GmbH specialises in the promotion of environmentally friendly and resource-efficient technologies. To this end, the company initiates research and development networks that generate environmentally oriented technological innovations.

Planned network


With “Efficient-Green-Buildings”, GlobalGreen InnoTech GmbH is planning a research network on green energy-efficient buildings. Climate change, growing urbanisation and the demand for efficient use of resources pose an ever greater challenge in building development.

Our Networks

PlaWas – Plastic-free waters

Plastic-free waters

The object of the network’s work is to bundle the competences and project ideas of the network partners for R&D projects in the area of the elimination of plastics from water bodies and the prevention of plastic discharges. The technologies and processes developed are jointly established on the national and international market. In addition, the network works to create the framework conditions for nationwide water pollution control and purification.

PlaMoWa – Plastic monitoring in water

Network for Plastic Monitoring in Waters

The high seas, coastal waters and inland waters such as rivers and lakes are all contaminated with plastic parts of various sizes. The extent and the resulting consequences for humans and the environment are not yet foreseeable. Not only the plastic particles themselves, but also their tendency to adsorb and resorb organic pollutants, which ultimately find their way into the food chain, are causing growing concern. Authorities and industry therefore have an increasing responsibility to advance the monitoring of natural and artificial waters.

Leading research institutions and companies have joined forces since 2015 to form a holistically oriented network to develop methods and services for the rapid detection of the pollution level of plastic waste in water bodies. Based on reliable, affordable devices and efficient and standardised monitoring procedures, regulatory limits can be set and monitored.