Network Efficient-Green-Buildings

Netzwerk Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand


Content of the network

With “Efficient-Green-Buildings”, GlobalGreen InnoTech GmbH is planning a research network on green energy-efficient buildings and solar systems.

Climate change, growing urbanisation and the demand for efficient use of resources pose an ever greater challenge in building development. The demands on the individual components of a house are enormous. On the one hand, the most environmentally friendly technologies possible should be integrated for building construction and supply. On the other hand, the highest possible level of quality of life should be achieved, despite rising temperatures and closed building systems.

Modern buildings should meet the requirements of climate neutrality, efficiency and high quality of life. Factors such as surface sealing, use of roof and façade surfaces, use of renewable energies, recycling, energy efficiency, indoor climate and quality of life must be considered. In order to achieve optimal efficiency, various processes for the construction of modern and renovated buildings must be considered holistically. The vision of the network is to collect comprehensive data on land use, energy management, material use and quality of living and to derive optimisations based on the results.

n order to increase the share of renewable energies, the use of previously unused areas should be considered. In particular, industrial buildings and agricultural land offer the possibility to increase the share of photovoltaic systems. Various applications and possible combinations must be considered.

Different aspects of building design and operation will be considered across different topics:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the PV elements through cooling.
  • Consideration of an optimal ratio of PV panels, solar thermal energy and green roofs with regard to energy generation, reduction of heat
  • generation and creation of microclimate zones
  • Area applications of PV systems and combination with other systems (e.g. use of PV systems on industrial plants and agricultural land)
  • Recycling of entire buildings and consideration of the recycling of materials
  • Recycling of solar systems and heating systems
  • Consideration of the health-related well-being of residents in passive houses for system optimisation
  • Heat pumps with natural refrigerants
  • Sorption-supported air conditioning
  • Storage of surplus heat
  • Energy management and energy systems used in buildings and building complexes
  • Simulation of energy networks
  • Simulation for planning security of energy supplies
  • Interfaces to e-mobility, such as charging systems
  • Evaluation of the thermal well-being of people
  • Evaluation of modern control systems and systems of a house to increase the quality of life and use of space
  • Optimisation of modern heating systems through data evaluation processes that can be used to increase efficiency
  • Consideration of data security
  • Intelligent energy systems and energy efficiency

The request is addressed to:

  • Scientific and research institutions
  • Suppliers and manufacturers of systems in the fields of:
    • Green roofs
    • Facade construction
    • Facade insulation
    • Heating systems
    • Indoor climate
    • Space management
    • Recycling company specialising in solar systems, building
    • deconstruction and façade insulation
    • Solar systems
    • Solar thermal
    • Wind turbines


Time for solutions – join our network! We are always interested in strengthening our innovation and implementation power with additional network members and cooperation partners.
The network offers the chance of a large number of ZIM-funded innovative development projects, the results of which can help shape national and international markets in the field of housing development in the future. The participating companies, research institutions and future users can benefit from this in equal measure.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can join the network as regular network partners. The current ZIM size limits for this are 250 employees and an annual turnover of € 50 million or a balance sheet total of € 43 million (SMEs) or 500 employees and an annual turnover of € 50 million or a balance sheet total of € 43 million (medium-sized enterprises).

We would be happy to explain the framework conditions of the ZIM programme to you in detail and, in dialogue with you, determine which form of cooperation promises the greatest added value for both sides.

Research institutions, public companies, public authorities, companies above the SME threshold and other stakeholders are welcome to participate as associated network partners. In addition, we welcome your support as a cooperation partner of the network.

Please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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